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     During your visit at Transformation Acupuncture, you will get a pulse reading, which is how traditional Chinese medicine practitioner can tell which part of your body needs alignment, tongue reading, asking questions about daily habits and food.
     According to your condition using pulse to selecting points that can bring you back to balance. Practitioner will also discuss your diet and lifestyle , so practitioner can figure out how acupuncture can best help your specific needs. 

     Please wear comfortable clothes. Most of the needle placement will be below the knee and elbow, so wear something that you are able to roll up. Do not come to your appointment on an empty stomach. You should eat something at least 30 minutes before the appointment.

     The appointment usually takes around an hour and a half. 30 mins will be talking about your diet and lifestyle and then 45 mins with needle retention.


     Service that is offered are acupuncture, diet, and habit recommendations to help speed up the recovery.


     For the people that are not fan of needles, we offer alternatives and use herbal patches on the acupuncture points. You still going through the same diagnosis and treatment protocols, but where the needles are placed will be in the herbal patches.


     There is also an advantage in using the patches. The patches are more flexible and after the patches are placed you can move on to do you daily activities versus the inconvenience of needles. With needles you have to rest for 45 minutes after the treatment.


     The disadvantages of the herbal patches are that people with sensitive skin are most likely to get a rash on the spots where they were placed. The patches are also a slower process than the needles because it can’t get as deep into the skin as the needles.  A final disadvantage is it has to stay on your skin for at least 2 hours and some spots are not available for use with the patches, such as on skull acupuncture points.

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