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How Acupuncture Works  


        In our body there is a vast network of channels that connect every part of our body. In Chinese medicine, it is put into different types of channels. All different channels work together to help each other in making sure our daily life functions seem effortless. As an acupuncturist, we work to understand all the channels and their relationships, using different needling techniques to help strengthen or sedate the channel and organs. Treating locally can only promise temporary relief. 

Digestive systems:

Chinese Medicine Perspective

The human body

     The goal of Chinese medicine is to preserve what we inherit from our parents. With the goal of preservation in mind and by carefully observing nature and applying the philosophy of yin yang, Chinese medicine tries to preserve parental inheritance. These are not the only considerations. In addition to the aforementioned applications there are the five elements, 12 channels, 8 extraordinary channels and Zhang fu organ systems.  These applications are an intense effort just to understand the human body and how to treat it when our body becomes unbalanced.

How Chinese Medicine Practitioners Diagnose a Patient

      Chinese medicine uses 4 methods of gathering information. Those methods are observation, asking questions, getting information from the patients and detecting different body odors. Odors can mean different elements in Chinese medicine, for example very type of bodily gas in Chinese medicine points to heat, and palpitation.

How Chinese Medicine Categorizes Food


  Have you ever eaten something that makes you feel very thirsty? Your thirst is so overwhelming that it does not matter how to much water you drink there seems to be nothing to reduce that thirst? In Chinese medicine this situation is considered to be heat in the heart system. Foods can be both good and bad, cause thirst or other unwanted side effects


Garlic : danger or cure?


      A search on the Internet will provide many lists of health benefits, claims (such as helping to lower blood pressure), strengthening immune systems, helping to lower cholesterol, and many more. Those might be all true in the right circumstances. What they fail to tell you are the potential side effects of the super food.

What is dampness in Chinese medicine?

                 In Chinese medicine there is one way to know if your body has too much dampness, by looking at the tongue coating. Thick tongue coating indicates dampness of the body. If the color of the coating is white it indicates coldness and yellow indicates heat. The cracks on the tongue will indicate different problems with different organ systems.


     Many people try to find ways to eat more of a healthy diet. Tofu can be used as a  protein alternative. In Chinese medicine tofu can cause the body to become too cold. Traditionally, there are three ways to make tofu use vinegar, salt, or gypsum as binding agent. The binding agent used commercially is often gypsum. 

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