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How does the session go?

During your visit, usually, we start by taking your blood pressure, asking questions about your diet and daily habits, addressing the nature of your complaints, pulse diagnosis and tongue according to Chinese medicine, than we start your treatments, during the treatments it is okay to asking questions about any concerns about your health.  During the treatment we recommend turning off/put on silent your cell phone and rest, because our body only can repair itself while resting.


How does Acupuncture work?

In Acupuncture what we try to do is restore the body back to normal. The way to accomplish that is we initiate the change with needles, but to keep the process going through diet and daily habit changes. In acupuncture we believe that foods have energetic elements hot or cold, when our body is normal we should not be either cold or hot. When it is out of balance, that is when our body becomes too cold or too hot, that is when the pain or diseases occur.  So in treatments we try to restore the balance and to prolong the therapeutic effect with diet and habit changes.


Does the Acupuncture needle have medicine in it?

No, the needles just plain needles, the effects that you feel are cause by your own body.


Why does the some of the acupuncture points hurt?

During acupuncture, some of the points are more sensitive than others because that area or that part of the body or organ system needs more attention. If the body is healthy, the point does not hurt, or you don’t feel much, but when it is in pain or sick, the points can be very sensitive. The other reason is when your body is very tense all the points will hurt more, so just take some deep breathes to help your body relax will help reduce the pain.


Why do we need to look at the tongue?

When we look at the tongues we usually pay attention to the tongue coating. The tongue coating can tell us the state of your digestive system. When your digestion is strong that is the only time your body are able to produce a tongue coating.


What do we feel when checking your pulse?

In Chinese medicine, different position on your pulse on your wrist respond to different organ systems in the body, so when we check the pulse we check for imbalance of organ systems and treat accordingly.


How long does the treatments help?

In my experiences,  In the beginning of the treatments 3 days is about the max therapeutic effect last, and with the diet and daily habit change it will make it last longer. 


Why the needles are does not place on the area that hurt?

In Chinese medicine, our body is connected in a network call Channels, it is like a train station. The points are stops that we can access the particular channel.  The needles placed on the correct channel, it can access the whole body and internal organs.


How often should I get treated?

If you want to treat the problem, most cases we recommended once a week, twice a week if it is very server, if you are okay with your condition just want to keep it where it is at, than once every 2 weeks or longer if the condition is not bothering you.

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