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welcome to Transformation Acupuncture below are the 
list of things to do to help recover faster while during treatment

Heat, thick tongue coating, cold,


1)Avoid fried, grilled, roasted, baked foods, Steam buns except BBQ or egg cluster,  instead steam or boiled.


2) Avoid red meats, or salmon. Choose chicken, or white fish.


3) Avoid hot and spicy food, fermented food, coffee, chocolate, cereals, sesame seed oil. instant noodles

不能食辛辣或醃制食品,咖啡,朱古力,芝麻油 方便面

4) Avoid Aromatic herbs and spices, i.e.:  garlic, curry, rosemary, bay leaves, onion and cinnamon.


5) Avoid any herbs or supplements, such as ginseng, dong gui, huang qi, turmeric


6) Avoid bone broth, fish soup, sauna bath

不要喝老火汤, 肉汁,鱼汤, 桑拿

7) Avoid alcohol, vinegar, durian, pineapple, mango, taro, banana, any type of milk, gelatin supplements , sticky rice,honey, cheese, milk tea

戒酒/料酒, 醋, 榴莲, 菠萝, 芒果, 芋头, 香蕉, 牛奶/营养奶, 芝士, 骨胶原蛋白高的食物,糯米, 蜜糖, 奶茶。

8) Avoid Salad and cold raw foods, tofu, green tea. Cook vegetables and black tea instead.


9)Avoid detox teas, watermelon, cucumber, bitter taste vegetables (such as collar greens, kale and mustard greens), or shakes.

不要食用减肥茶,清热解毒的食物和药品 , 凉茶,西瓜,黄瓜,和味道苦的菜例如芥菜,西洋菜,苦瓜,


10) Blow dry hair, keep feet warm, dry sweats immediately or change of the cloths, if clothes get wet. Soak feet with hot water at night before sleeping.


11) Keep a food journal. Sleep before 11 pm


12) Drink 2 liters or 2000cc of water per day. Take 30minutes to have leisure exercise per day.

每天要喝2000毫升的水, 运动30分钟

13) Keep track on how often the symptoms come on, the location of the pain and frequency .


Ideally at least 3 days of relief, symptoms come back before then, usually due to food.


Try above advise for 4 weeks consistently.


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